11 Reasons to Smoke Pure CBD Flower and Ditch the Oils

11 Reasons to Smoke Pure CBD Flower and Ditch the Oils

This article is not to say that smoking is healthier or less harmful than vaping. The truth is, that all smoking is generally bad to some degree. We as individuals get to choose what we do with our bodies and what habits we adopt into our lives. There are people (like us) who believe smoking pure unprocessed hemp flower is the most enjoyable and natural method. For others, it might be vaping concentrated mixtures of the plants extracted oils, or maybe even just firing up the classic tobacco cigarette.

Smoking Pure CBD Hemp Flower

We all have our own unique preferences. And the “truth” is hard to discern when it comes to matters of personal beliefs and opinions. But the unwavering universal truth when it comes to smoking anything is that despite the obvious warning about its possible dangers, many of us love do it anyway. Whether society engrained it in us, or we simply do it because we choose to… smoking has been (and continues to be) a timeless occurrence. 

Technically, there's no right or wrong way to smoke, there is only preference. Keep reading along to find the reasons why we believe smoking pure hemp flower is far more favorable than its counterparts. 




1. The ritual

There is no denying the ever-present “ritual of smoking”. There’s something about stepping outside into fresh air, taking a break from all the commotion - to momentarily focus on the breath. Yes, the repetitive motion of bringing a lit smoke up to your lips, the inhale, and the release that satisfies a particular oral fixation many of us enjoy. For some it’s a temporary pause button when life gets a little crazy, for others, it’s a purely social activity. For us, it’s a way to kick back and smoke a gorgeous plant - without any extra strings attached. 

2. Get yourself a smoke that’s (technically) sober

That being said, hemp is neither addictive nor psychoactive. CBD hemp smokes can alleviate some forms of stress while keeping you in the present moment. It also offers smokers the same feel and experience of a tobacco cigarette without all the chemical additives or dangerous health consequences of combusted tobacco.

3. It’s not just good. It’s great!

Smoking CBD hemp flower cigarettes is more than just an alternative. Due to the levels of CBD (Cannabidiol), it may even provide biological support in the difficult process of trying to quit smoking cigarettes. CBD is an incredible tool that will help bring your body back to a calm state, which is how most of us want to be; relaxed and in our power. 


4. Simplicity is bliss

Smoking our premium hemp flower smokes is completely natural and minimally unprocessed. The flower we use has not been extracted for oils previous to packaging like some of our hemp smoke “competition” has been known to do. The main process our flower goes through is one where it's put into a special machine, that rolls it into perfect little smokable sticks. Simple.

5. The elemental essence of the plant is present

The naturally occurring flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids are still present and potent in our flower. Making the user experience as authentic and native as can be. That means no artificial sprays or pesticides.

6. Burning hemp flower is low maintenance

All you need is a lighter and some fresh air. You don’t need to invest in fancy gadgets or cartridges. When you go back to basics and simplify your life you realize that less IS more. 


7. You can count on fire to burn right

Mother nature gave us everything we need. The element of fire will always burn with the same basic chemical properties, naturally. Its extreme temperatures immediately release all of the OG cannabinoids responsible for making you feel good and the smoking experience pleasurable. A vaporizer with a weak battery might give you a worthless hit and waste your flower.

8. Smoking offers faster delivery of CBD

Whether it's in the form of an oil or whether it's baked into a cookie, digesting CBD extracts can take from 30 minutes to an hour or even more. The body's digestive system needs to digest and break everything down before the feel good-benefits of CBD will go into effect and hit the bloodstream. 

9. Vaping may be deadly

Woah! Not to sound super harsh, but since earlier this year, there have been more than 450 “possible cases” of vaping-relating lung illnesses. And we’re not just talking nicotine vapes, we mean cannabis (THC and CBD) containing vapes too. Five people have died (R.I.P)… which brings us to our next points. 


10. Synthetic Cannabinoids are a no-go

Samples of extracted and processed CBD oils from one manufacturer contained potentially dangerous chemicals that were not listed in their materials. This means that there can be artificial “CBD” oils and other chemicals generally found in cough syrup discreetly packed into your precious oil cartridge. Some “trusted” CBD companies will even market their products to have “a dash of melatonin” when in fact there will be higher levels of melatonin (a hormone used to produce sleep) than CBD. Not to mention, the process of turning the flower into an extract takes solvents like butane or hexane, and you do not want those combusting in your portable pens.

11. Vaporizers are unreliable & unregulated 

As clean & pristine the vapor from portable vaporizers makes itself out to be, there is always a dark side lurking around and we have exposed it. There are TONS of vape devices on the market and many of them come from the minimally regulated country of china. There have been cases where some devices have contained prominent traces of glue or heavy metals (like lead) which can be ignited by the high temperature of the device, where concentrated contaminants and carcinogens are inhaled by the user and sent straight into the bloodstream. Care for some toxic fumes? We thought not.

* if you still chose your portable pens over a more natural alternative, we advise you to always stick to trusted and reputable name brands. Never buy off an unverified market, or for crazy cheap. You might be getting more consequences than you bargained for *

You get to decide.

There’s nothing incredibly wrong with investing in fancy gadgets or buying oil cartridges… but the truth is that unless you’re buying it from a 100% trusted source, you won't know what you’re really getting. Is it just CBD? Or is it a mixture of synthetic oils disguised as such? Who’s testing all these products, and are they even safe to consume at such high temperatures? Who knows. Pen-style vaporizers have only been existence since 2004, whereas smoking has been around for - oh I don't know... nearly 2,000 years. 

Smoke your CBD hemp and flower the honest way.

The way mother earth handed her to us in a crisp and unprocessed form.

Sourced naturally, and minimally man-handled. 

#smokeyourcbd and Lets BLĀZ

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